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My name is Karolina and I am a teacher of Polish language to foreigners. Hopefully, Your Polish Teacher very soon!

Before we begin, let me tell you more about myself.

For over 14 years I have been working as relocation and immigration professional with internationals coming to western Poland. To better understand my business clients I have graduated Poznan-Atlanta MBA postdiploma studies.

I have personally experienced migration and lived in nearby Frankfurt am Main, Germany for three years, which gives me a unique perspective on relocation.

During my stay in Germany (2020) I have started teaching Polish as a foreign language and kept on doing it till now.

My teaching:

I work online or in person (locally, in Poznan).

I work with individuals and with groups at every level of Polish fluency (including starting level).

I teach people from all over the world.

I teach adults only.

I offer varied exercises, materials and books.

During classes I speak mostly Polish (of course) – if necessary, English or German as supportive language.

What I love about languages is how they always reflect their nations. And this is how I teach Polish. So apart from language you will also receive from me tidbits about Polish culture and history.

I will focus on what your goals are: improving your communication, grammar, speaking, fluency – whatever you wish. Or start from scratch. It is all up to you.

I teach with enthusiasm, passion and flexibility, focusing on your personal style of learning and comfort. I can’t wait to see your progress and the growing strength of your new language. Polish language.

Let us get started!

My Qualifications

My education

  • (2021) Polish for foreigners
    postdiploma studies in search for perfection&update
    Silesian University
  • (2012) Business Trainers Academy
    postdiploma course to understand how to effectively teach business adults
  • (2008) MBA
    postdiploma studies to understand my business clients
    Economics University in Poznan
  • (1999) Polish Literature&Language
    master degree: this is how it all got started…
    University of Adam Mickiewicz

My qualfications

  • Teacher of Polish to foreigners
  • MBA graduate
  • Certified Business Trainer
    (effective (intercultural) communication)
  • Senior Relocation&Immigration Professional working with internationals in Poland for over 14 years
  • Author of book&blog (Polish writer)

My languages

  • Polish – native language (C2)
  • English – fluent (C1; CAE)
  • German – intermediate (B2)
  • Russion – understanding of spoken&written language

My Book

Lorelei czeka. Opowieści o Niemczech

I wrote a book about my emigrational experience while living in Germany. This is also about German culture, history and architecture. And Polish-German neigbours’ relations.

Take a look

And stay tuned: next book is coming!

My Testimonial

I've always really enjoyed my lessons with Karolina; they're engaging, diverse, and I've always felt the enthusiasm and excitement that she would bring to the lessons. I appreciated the fact the lessons would focus on the things I was finding difficult and whenever I had a request to work more on something, she would always make sure to focus on supporting my progress in that area. Though I've lived a long time in Poland, the lessons with Karolina really helped to unlock the 'next level' of my Polish speaking and understanding. I've no doubt that the lessons would be great for beginners starting out with the language, but Karolina is great at explaining the more complex parts of Polish grammar, which is really helpful for anyone trying to get to the B1/B2 levels, which is what I've been working towards.

Simon Bradley

Karolina is an excellent teacher - always blending a professional approach to lessons with her genuine enthusiasm and passion for Polish. Even the most daunting of grammatical topics are lightened when delivered with Karolina’s naturally friendly, patient manner and good humour. Look no further!

Martin Rowley

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